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always in the blood

The body and blood I inhabit that are—in so many ways—not my own to do with what I please. Maybe it washes out in the water, maybe it's always in the blood. But I have been sacrificed for...and so I am given the strength to keep sacrificing my self.

In a hyper-symbolic sense, the consumption of food for life is a type of resurrection. But it isn't so "hyper-symbolic" when one realizes that those who eat and drink Christ have eternal life. He is the bread of life. He has water able to remove thirst. He is the ultimate death that sustains ultimate life.

This sacrament, for it should be called nothing less, is in fact the ultimate testimony of God's efforts in salvation. And far from being a simple reminder, we recognize it is in fact the communion that delivers that salvation to each one of us.

I'm not one for puns. But "chew on that."