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Allberry, Sam - Is God Anti-Gay?

Allberry, Sam - Why Both with Church?

Alsup, Wendy - Practical Theology for Women

Atteberry, Mark - The Solomon Seduction (Audio Notes)

Archer, Clint - The Home Team

Barreto, Eric - Reading Theologically

Barth, Karl - Deliverance to the Captives

Barth, Karl - Dogmatics in Outline

Barth, Karl - The Great Promise

Barth, Karl - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Baugus, Bruce - China's Reforming Churches

Beale, G.K.; Kim, Mitchell - God Dwells Among Us

Blomberg, Craig - Contagious Holiness

Bock, Darrell; Glaser, Mitch - The People, The Land, and the Future of Israel

Bond, Douglas; McComas, Douglas - Girolamo Savonarola

Branson, Mark; Warnes, Nicholas - Starting Missional Churches

Brito, Uri; Swait, Joffre - Christian Pipe Smoking 

Brito, Uri - The Trinitarian Father

Burge, Gary - Week In the Life of a Roman Centurion

Butterfield, Rosaria - Openness Unhindered

Carr, Simonetta - Jonathan Edwards

Chan, Simon - Grassroots Asian Theology

Chester, Tim - 1 Samuel For You

Chester, Tim - Titus For You

Cooper, Jordan - The Great Divide

Crawford, John - Baptism Is Not Enough  (Audio Notes)

Crisp, Oliver - Deviant Calvinism

Diller, Kevin - Theology's Epistemelogical Dilemma

Dockey, David; Duke, Rodger - John A. Broadus: A Living Legacy

Dodson, Jonathan; Watson, Brad - Raised

Enns, Peter - The Bible Tells Me So

Eswine, Zack - Spurgeon's Sorrows

Evans, Jeremy A.  - Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously

Evans, Rachel Held - Searching for Sunday 

Flanagan, Kelly; Hall, Sarah - Christianity and Developmental Psychopathology

Ford, Leighton - The Attentive Life

Friedman, Dr. David - James the Just

Gaffin, Richard - By Faith, Not by Sight  (Audio Notes)

Gehrz, Christopher - The Pietist Visions of Christian Higher Education

Gerberding, G.H. - The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church

Gerhardt, Elizabeth - The Cross and Gendercide

Goldsworthy, Graeme - Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture

Graves, Michael - The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture

Green, Joel - The New Testament and Ethics: Book-By-Book Survey

Guthrie, Nancy - The Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets

Hamilton Jr., James - What is Biblical Theology?

Harvey, Dave - When Sinners Say I Do

Holcomb, Justin - Know the Councils and Creeds

Horton, Michael - Calvin: On the Christian Life

Horton, Michael - Ordinary

Janz, Denis - A People's History of Christianity, Student Edition Volume 1

Janz, Denis - A People's History of Christianity, Student Edition Volume 2

Jefford, Clayton - Reading the Apostolic Fathers

Jones, David - Introduction to Biblical Ethics

Jones, Timothy Paul - Perspectives on Your Child's Education

Keathley, Kenneth; Rooker, Mark - 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution

Kim, JinHyok - The Spirit of God and the Christian Life

Koepf-Taylor, Laurel W. - Give Me Children or I Shall Die

K√∂stenberger, Andreas; Bock, Darrell; Chatraw, Josh - Truth Matters

Leithart, Peter - Traces of the Trinity

Lewis, Donald M.; Pierard, Richard V. - Global Evangelicalism 

Long, D. Stephen - Saving Karl Barth  (Audio Notes)

Louth, Andrew - Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology  (Audio Notes)

Mack, Joshua - Compassion

Mathes, Glenda - Discovering Delight

McDurmon, Joel - The Bounds of Love (Part 1)

McDurmon, Joel - The Bounds of Love (Part 2)

McDurmon, Joel - Noah: The True Story

McMaken, W. Travis - The Sign of the Gospel

Mitchell, C. Ben; Riley, D. Joy - Christian Bioethics

Molnar, Paul - Faith, Freedom and the Spirit

Montgomery, John Warick - History, Law and Christianity

Murray, David - How Sermons Work

Neder, Adam - Participation in Christ 

Newton, Phil; Schmucker, Matt - Elders in the Life of the Church

Niehaus, Jeffery - Biblical Theology: The Common Grace Covenants (Vol 1)

Osborn, Ronald - Death Before the Fall

Parrish, Christa - Still Life

Petersen, Neil - The Authors of the Deuteronomistic History

Piper, John - Five Points  (Extra Written Notes)

Plantinga, Alvin - Knowledge & Christian Belief

Rainbow, Paul A. - Johannine Theology

Rea, Robert - Why Church History Matters

Reynolds, Adrian - And So to Bed ... A Biblical View of Sleep

Rinne, Jeramie - Church Elders

Saxton, David W. - God's Battle Plan for the Mind

Shaw, Ed - Same-sex Attraction and the Celibate Life

Shapira, Rabbi Itzhak - The Return of the Kosher Pig

Sheridan, Mark - Language for God in Patristic Tradition

Smith, Joan Ripley - George Muller

Stein, Robert - Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son of Man

Storms, Sam - Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative

Stewart, Alistair - The Original Bishops

Stiles, J. Mack - Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

Strange, Daniel - Their Rock is not Like Our Rock

Strawbridge, Gregg - You and Your Household

Sweet, Leonard - From Tablet to Table

Tautges, Paul - Counseling One Another

Tomlin, Graham - Reformation Commentary: Philippians & Colossians

VanderWal-Gritter, Wendy - Generous Spaciousness

VanDoodewaard, William - The Quest for the Historical Adam

Wallace, David - Election of the Lesser Son

Walls, Jerry - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Walton, John - The Lost World of Adam and Eve

Wilkins, Steven - Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics

Wilson, Mark - Victory Through the Lamb

Woodbridge, John D.; James III , Frank A. - Church History, Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day

Wright, N.T. - Surprised by Scripture

Yarhouse, Mark - Understanding Gender Dysphoria

Yong, Amos - The Future of Evangelical Theology


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