Inclined Towards Evil

Our problem is not rooted in our design. God created us good, holy and righteous. That is to say, we were created with a heart inclined towards him with no knowledge of sin or desire to rebel against God. We were all made to do what Adam did: walk with God.

Music Review: Lover

While I wanted to hate this album wholesale, I simply can’t. It’s not great, and often sounds like a collection of slightly undercooked ideas, but more songs will survive on Lover than on Reputation. It’s also the 2nd best album titled Lover that came last month. 

Interview with Rachel Miller

I want us, as conservative Christians, to go back to the Bible and study for ourselves what it teaches about women and men in marriage, church, and society. I want us to be willing to reform our teaching so that we are faithful to Scripture.

Book Review: Beyond Authority and Submission

There are a lot of debates and discussions happening within confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian churches centered on gender and sexuality. In some cases, the confessions to which these churches hold are being questioned, re-defined, or even ignored. Beyond Authority and Submission does not entertain or create such a controversy.

On Football Season

Another old refrain is that there’s too much hate in the world today. Hate rooted in religion, politics, and music preferences. But there is one kind of hate that everyone can gather around and enjoy sharing.

memento that mori

I cry thinking about the people I've lost whose gravestones I can't visit, for whatever reason. I cry thinking about the people who are dead while they still live. I cry reading tributes to parents, spouses, wondering if I will leave anyone behind. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, does it?

Book Review: Not Forsaken

It should be seen as a gateway, helping the reader to begin asking the right questions as we seek to love our neighbor who has been harmed. Used in that way, it is an important read, and would be an excellent addition to any church library.