Appreciating Pastors

So during this month, commit to perpetually praying and striving for your pastors that “the authority of good pastors be established.” While good in intent, a month of focus on pastors will not hinder satan who is attempting to “undermine it by every means.”

O Canada

The drive to Canada was long. It included North Dakota (we detoured), a new state for me, and a drive past the Medicine Rocks of Montana. Other than that, the main excitement was Judah’s response to the Canadian Border Guard.

I Ain't Got Rhythm

For me, this fall has been a lesson in this. I feel like I’m relearning my rhythms all over again. Morning prayer and scripture reading are different during school than in summer. Afternoon reading shifts to times of silence.

Northward Ho!

The Black Hills possess a romance in nature and story, ancient geography that is majestic in formation and yet still, somehow, accessible. Perhaps merely the influence of a wonderful childhood vacation, but I hold a surprisingly strong attachment to the area and the route was confirmed.

Music Review: The Highwomen

While I might not return to listen through this album completely, some songs will stick with me and I’m glad for that. But I imagine I’ll be satisfied with the songs and heroines the Highwomen themselves love.

Inclined Towards Evil

Our problem is not rooted in our design. God created us good, holy and righteous. That is to say, we were created with a heart inclined towards him with no knowledge of sin or desire to rebel against God. We were all made to do what Adam did: walk with God.