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Appreciating Pastors

So during this month, commit to perpetually praying and striving for your pastors that “the authority of good pastors be established.” While good in intent, a month of focus on pastors will not hinder satan who is attempting to “undermine it by every means.”

Inclined Towards Evil

Our problem is not rooted in our design. God created us good, holy and righteous. That is to say, we were created with a heart inclined towards him with no knowledge of sin or desire to rebel against God. We were all made to do what Adam did: walk with God.

Interview with Rachel Miller

I want us, as conservative Christians, to go back to the Bible and study for ourselves what it teaches about women and men in marriage, church, and society. I want us to be willing to reform our teaching so that we are faithful to Scripture.

Rejoice when Reviled

Individuals preaching a pure gospel with false reasons, whether for selfish ambition or as part of an attack upon us, should be be disassociated with unto their shame. Not because they are enemies, but precisely because they are our brethren. We are to leave them to God in their lack of maturity as they serve Christ for it brings disunity to the church to highlight their immaturity beyond an initial rebuke.

Book Review: Middle Knowledge

What John Laing has provided is a porous evangelical, Baptist-traditionalist/Arminian-leaning systematic theology with middle knowledge at the center of every doctrine. However, Middle Knowledge: Human Freedom in Divine Sovereignty is neither ordered for a systematic theology nor in possession of the clarity of conclusion for a primer on its variant of Molinism.