All in Life

O Canada

The drive to Canada was long. It included North Dakota (we detoured), a new state for me, and a drive past the Medicine Rocks of Montana. Other than that, the main excitement was Judah’s response to the Canadian Border Guard.

I Ain't Got Rhythm

For me, this fall has been a lesson in this. I feel like I’m relearning my rhythms all over again. Morning prayer and scripture reading are different during school than in summer. Afternoon reading shifts to times of silence.

Northward Ho!

The Black Hills possess a romance in nature and story, ancient geography that is majestic in formation and yet still, somehow, accessible. Perhaps merely the influence of a wonderful childhood vacation, but I hold a surprisingly strong attachment to the area and the route was confirmed.

memento that mori

I cry thinking about the people I've lost whose gravestones I can't visit, for whatever reason. I cry thinking about the people who are dead while they still live. I cry reading tributes to parents, spouses, wondering if I will leave anyone behind. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, does it?

Be Still

Be still. Rest. Not in the poetic sense of refreshing or finding your second wind. Not in a sentimental “mood picture” sort of way. Look forward to the promised rest. Look back at Christ’s finished work. 

Dear Lutheranism

The opportunity to share our sound confessional principles with the American church, comfort those in our pews, and reject unbiblical notions which directly support social oppression cannot go unanswered. I pray that once again Lutherans will be willing to stand up for the Biblical principles they confess.