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On Football Season

Another old refrain is that there’s too much hate in the world today. Hate rooted in religion, politics, and music preferences. But there is one kind of hate that everyone can gather around and enjoy sharing.

Book Review: Not Forsaken

It should be seen as a gateway, helping the reader to begin asking the right questions as we seek to love our neighbor who has been harmed. Used in that way, it is an important read, and would be an excellent addition to any church library.  

this is my body

Christ's body and blood in the Eucharist become part of mine. And I am part of Christ's body, the church, which we know triumphs in the end, no matter how our individual bodies decay and die. We need each other, we need all our parts, we need connection.

Why Exclude Us?

I pray that these events will lead to dialogue between various minority ministries to work closer together and that people who do read and sign the new creed will get involved in real life in reconciliation ministries.

A Heroic King

Before we dismiss Martin Luther King’s heroic bravery, we should ask where—really—the faithful people were located? Behind a pulpit speaking words or in the marches living out their words?

Regarding Partiality

In practice, a person will never be able to address, help, or even be aware of all societal ills in the world. But when one of the ills is at your door you should care. God has placed each of us in certain regions, certain communities, and we can make an impact there.

Guilty Before God of Negligence

We may farther learn from this passage, that although magistrates may not be solicited for succor, they are accounted guilty before God of negligence, if they do not, of their own accord, succor those who stand in need of their interference.

In Defense of Mary, Did You Know

So don’t be dissuaded. Sing "Mary, Did You Know?" and reflect on the greatness of Jesus this Christmas. Sing it every Christmas until you pass on from this mortal life. Just don’t sing it after the Christmas tree comes down.