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Blessed Are the Hungry: Proclaiming the Priest's Death


This chapter was marginally cruel to me. I had already heard this concept from James Jordan (I think it was him). I can only imagine how much more powerful this section would have been if it had been novel to me. And yet still such a wonderful concept it is.

The death of the High Priest restores lands. It removes the death sentence that hangs over the head of those guilty of blood. Though this is far from a perfect analogy of our sinfulness, it is a descriptive way of describing the work of Jesus Christ.

Christ death restores us to the land of promise. It restores us to the blessings of provision from The Lord. It frees us from the "cities of refuge" to be amongst our families in peace. To provide for them and secure for them an inheritance.

Our High Priest has certainly accomplished all this and more for us. And in part the Lord's Supper reflects back on this provision.


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