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TOBC 101: Ordinances

I'm not a Baptist. This section is clearly very hard for me. I've moved toward the middle of the road on trying to bridge what these things needs to mean in the church. I would obviously believe that the Sacraments mean more than what I stated here but this is a good start. I owe much of this lecture's fervor from Markus Barth's audio lectures on baptism.

Audio/Video Resources

Audio from Summer 2013

Notes from Summer 2013 

My Thoughts

There was some very interesting questions afterwards. Anyone seeking arguments for Covenant Baptism can find better resources than these questions or this blog. I am not shy on my dedication to a thorough Calvinistic perspective on the Sacraments. Perhaps in the future I will put more things together for future discussion.

Hermeneutics 101: The Wisdom Literature

BBC: Genesis 5:25-32

BBC: Genesis 5:25-32