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TOBC 101: The Nature of God (Part 3)

TOBC 101: The Nature of God (Part 3)

This is the final lecture on the attributes of God. His holiness and righteousness are always hard and exciting to lecture upon. I still lament that this lecture is followed up by the "Works of God" and not "Justification". I'll need to work on this in the future.

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My Thoughts

This is one of those classes where the full weight of salvation begins to sink in. Finally understanding God in His fulness should be scary. In a way, making more of God's proper judgment brings a greater perception of His grace. This clearly can get carried away but I think this class avoids that.

As always the questions were interesting. I don't like jumping to gun so often but it seems like the baptism of Jesus could be a fun week's discussion. The idea of God's "repentance" remains throughout church history and interesting subject.

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BBC: Genesis 4:1

BBC: Genesis 4:1