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TOBC 101: The Nature of God (Part 1)

TOBC 101: The Nature of God (Part 1)

This is up late because it slipped my mind. It slipped my mind because I've got some big changes in story for this blog that are consuming a lot of my attention and work. Stay tuned.

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Audio from Summer 2013

Notes from Summer 2013

My Thoughts

This is always a hard class. Theology proper is treading on holy ground with bunny slippers. It never feels comfortable no matter how assured you are that you're in the historical "right". Nevertheless, I continue to enjoy teaching this lesson knowing I might get struck by lightening at any moment. :-)

In the Summer 2013 version of this class, I was able to break this section into two parts. There is an extended amount of time spent to the heresies of the early church relating to Trinitarian doctrine. Next week will be the same "video" but a new audio file with the completion of this lecture on the Son and Holy Spirit.

There was nothing overly special in this lecture. Just a lot of history. Hopefully some eye opening history. But alas still history.

Hermeneutics 101: Was Jesus A Biblical Theologian?

BBC: Genesis 3:9-13

BBC: Genesis 3:9-13