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TOBC 101: The Works of God

This lecture gives us a small hint of the cosmic work of God throughout history. A fuller understanding of why God does what He does helps to cure us from our constant self focus.

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Audio from Summer 2013

Notes from Summer 2013

My Thoughts

This lecture always has a lot of questions. My lack of adherence to a literal seven days often gets me in trouble with somebody. I'm not dogmatic and I hope people can see past that to view God's purpose in describing creation. He didn't have to include that but He did for a purpose.

Likewise with miracles, I hope that any potential discussion of spiritual gifts in the New Testament doesn't put a hold on the purpose God uses them. I don't think they've ceased but I do believe there can be vast periods of time without them. I'm on the fence of whether we should seek  to see them. I'm not sure if it is a sign of displeasure from God that He isn't validating His revelation. I really just don't know.


Hermeneutics 101: The Individual Gospels

Hermeneutics 101: The Individual Gospels

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BBC: Genesis 4:8-12