TOBC 101: The Nature of God (Part 1)

The idea of Jesus being a Biblical Theologian might be simple. But it is truly important to see if Jesus and His disciples interpreted the Old Testament the way that Goldsworthy advises in his book. I think the answer is a definitive yes that actually works to resolve many modern misconceptions.

PDF Notes

Class Review

This class was tough. I wasn't able to print out my lecture notes for the students in the class. Because my outline was not in front of them, I attempted to alter the presentation to flow more naturally. I don't think anything turned out badly but I did constantly feel a little on edge of derailing my direction.

Goldsworthy's full argument was presented in the class. But I'm not sure if I did a good job presenting that Goldsworthy was not making his full argument. He was solely putting together a solid case from the teaching of Jesus. I attempted to add to his argument in the lecture and felt like I did an okay job.

There was a good amount of discussion afterwards. The idea of all prophecy being fulfilled in the passion week of Christ was a little mind altering for people. I do find some disagreements with Goldsworthy on this subject but that will come later.

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