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Hermeneutics 101: What Is the Structure of Biblical Revelation?

This class took a deeper look at typology. I personally felt like I did a poor job communicating. But the response was good and we had a good discussion. Video will be uploaded tomorrow.

PDF Notes

Class Review

The intricacies of typology are still beyond me. I'm growing in the department and learning how to refine my eye. I think in a very real sense proper typology is essential to avoid allegory. A well laid out and valid typology that encompasses large Old Testament passages can keep you from taking the small details and running wild with them.

In a way then, well defined typology works the same way that a stringent historical-grammatical method works. It helps reduce the plurality of possible interpretations down to the smallest number possible. These two tools can be very helpful and re-reading Goldsworthy on this section was extremely beneficial to me and my study.

Practicum Paper: Romans 12:1-2