Hermeneutics 101: What Kind of Unity Does the Bible Have?

Hermeneutics 101: What Kind of Unity Does the Bible Have?

Today's lecture attempted to highlight the essential unity of the Scripture from the perspective of historical progression and meta-narrative (though I never used this phrase). It was a comprehensive class that worked to solidify some Biblical Theology principals.

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Class Review

This class started with some very practical questions on the method of hermeneutics. The practical steps between exegesis and application are starting to blur. This isn't a bad thing but I'm fearful that valuable ground could be lost if the distinction  between these two concepts isn't firmly established.

As we continue through the class, the focus will increase on particular texts and discussion of our heremeneutical principals in practice. I'm hoping everyone will be ready to take this large step but I also recognize there is some responsibility on me to help get this class ready. I'm hoping that some of the topics discussed today should be able to find themselves utilized as valuable tools in the near future.


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