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Olympic Training

I ought to be waiting for my husband to show me how to create a blog on here (negating the need to title my entries "post one, two, twelve, etc...) , or attempting to figure it out before posting. BUT - both of my kids are asleep and one will need to be roused in just 20 minutes to nurse...a potential free 20 min (our daughter's naps have grown progressively shorter since baby brother arrived) is golden! As it is highly unlikely I shall be able to figure out how to start a blog, and have time to write said blog in those few moments, you are all witness to my internet MacGyver'ing. Sorry love, let's carve out some time this evening for website teaching!

Today I witnessed marvels. Of Olympic proportion - as in, I am sure my children are beginning to train for some unique Olympic events! I had to - chose to - laugh. See, of late I've read that mothers have a great opportunity to turn moments of crying (their own) into moments of chortling.  My personality is more inclined to cry - so the Lord is giving me plenty of practice time!

JUDAH - Olympic Trials:

This morning I laughed when Judah spit up. All babies spit up - I hear you judging me out there, but can I remind you: OLYMPIC PROPORTIONS. He managed to hit all of the following: My HAIR, the front and back of my shirt, my pants, the couch, the floor, and some of Kenzie's toys that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. J is a contender!

KENZIE - Olympic Trials:  

 This morning I laughed when Kenzie brought my tea to me. I'm sitting on the floor with Judah in the living room. My darling, wonderful, thoughtful 18 month old climbed onto a chair, grabbed my full cup of tea from the table (making tea is my way of greeting the day optimistically - it's usually not consumed until dinner after being microwaved), climbed down from the chair, and raced from the kitchen to the living room, crowing loudly and happily about her accomplishment - splashing out mother's milk tea along the way. As the tea cup made it to me unbroken and still 3/4 full - I say K is a contender too!

In case you were all wondering - just as I was wrapping things up, I heard a squeal of discomfort - the baby ready to eat. 19 minutes. Made me smile! 

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