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Hermeneutics 101: The Wisdom Literature

 This is a genre that I have little experience with. I appreciated portions of Goldsworthy's book the first time I read it. I've enjoyed even more of it recently as I've attempted to harmonize it within a Biblical Theological context.

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Class Review

This class had a lot of discussion. This was the shortest lecture so far and it was merely a stepping stone to about 40 mins of discussion and application of texts from Proverbs. There were many who struggled with the concept of "wisdom" apart from intellect, knowledge and intelligence. We live in an age that has succeeded in the arena of knowledge and understanding. And yet because of our lack of response to creation using the wisdom that established creation, the world is very full of "fools". 

This is also helpful to avoid strict legalism. Few would desire to apply all of the proverbs literally but many when teaching fall short of the full meaning of the words. The texts show us what ethical behavior looks like when we fear and love God as our foundation.. Pursuing this would reject legalism. 

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