Blessed Are the Hungry: Holy Things for the Holy Ones


This is an interesting chapter. I certainly got Dr Leithart's point. But I almost felt pulled in another direction.

The "holiness zones" of the Old Testament are a great insight to caste system of Israel. There is even a provocative statement that all Jews were priests (Exo 19:6). Perhaps as a foreshadowing of the church? I don't know but it was food for thought.

No. What got me was the opening verse. Those whom a priest bought were permitted to eat of the holy things. Now, Dr Liethart took this past where I'm stopping. But it made me do a double take on the "purchase/bought" passages in the New Testament.

Those passage are often associated with holiness. But I've consumed them in a very "Lordship obedience" manner. I think I've been wrong. Instead they are pointing our being purchased as servants for the greatest High Priest.

And in His house, thought not as holy as He, we are holy unto participation in every holy meal.

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