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through a glass, darkly

These are beers of such profound flavor, they deserve your undivided attention. Save these for after dinner, because with ABVs this high, you'll need to have food in your stomach or else you're going to be wobbling. 

A 5-IPA Review

I was given carte blanche! So beer and food pairings it is. Wine drinkers have had their time to talk about this, and they've gotten snobby. Guess what... beer and food can elevate each other too.

2014 Reflections: Top Beer

This year was the great expanse of beer trying. With books being sent to me I spent all my monies on the beers. This included some more expensive beers than I'm use to drinking and essentially a whole new Top 5 List.

True Confessions

Well this has been a week full of reviews. And they don't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon. So I thought I would do some random funny and serious "true confessions."