True Confessions

Well this has been a week full of reviews. And they don't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon. So I thought I would do some random funny and serious "true confessions." Some of these are opinions. Some are statements of embarrassing historical reality. Some are a little bit of everything. So here we go.

  • Anything other than black coffee is not in fact coffee.
  • I drink dirty, cheap vodka.
  • As a paedo-baptism & paedo-communion nut, I'm more likely to convert to Eastern Orthodox than return to my Baptist roots.
  • I have not responded well to sleepless nights stemming from my kids.
  • I have subsequently been convicted I should thank God for healthy, and crying, children.
  • I frequently buy a twelve pack of Miller Genuine Draft to save beer monies.
  • I have an affinity for Barth's theory on election.
  • I have had pancakes from the same restaurant twice in the same day with different company but the same waitress.
  • I'm not really a night-owl. My sleep schedule just fluctuates wildly.
  • I have an affinity for Wesley's theory of perfectionism.
  • I have never seen an episode of Mad Men.
  • I have never seen an episode of Breaking Bad.
  • I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones.
  • I have no intention of watching an episode of any of those shows.
  • I think Origen is misunderstood.

That was nice. Let's do this again sometime.

Joshua Torrey is the sole proprietor of Torrey Gazette (don't tell Alaina) and the fullness of its editorial process. That means everything wrong with TG can legitimately be blamed on him.