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Returning to Solitude

This solitude stands before each theologian as a possibility but also the dangerous possibility to adopt superficially and on false presumptions. The urge to become the theologian Contra Mundum is to be resisted.

Carrying Loads

"O how he springs up before your eyes, how he deafened your ears, how he forces his way even into your dreams and disturbs your thoughts and wastes your time! O how he gets on your nerves!" - Karl Barth

Barth on the Corporeal Resurrection

"It would be sad if theology were trying to facilitate things and invent a Christianity without Christ's resurrection. And if we should find it difficult to believe, rather than modifying the message let us pray God that he gives us faith, through his Holy Spirit." — Karl Barth

Barth's Christmas: Prayer not Anxiety

Christians are not permitted to sit on their hands or twiddle their thumbs. There is a positive action that the Christian can take. This is where Barth's reoccurring but never entirely dominate view on prayer sneaks into view. Prayer remains an action for the Christian to communicate dependence upon God—it is an anti-anxiety action.

Book Review: A Shared Mercy

Jon Coutts has provided the church with a new platform to conceive of forgiveness and reconciliation. A Shared Mercy does not answer every question that church ministry will ask, but it provides the church a theology to repeal efforts of sins to disrupt Christ's body.

Freed for Confrontation

How Christian forgiveness looks in the real world cannot be reduced to a formula. Or if only, the formula must be called Christian faith. Mutual confession of faith in Christ and the faithfulness of His Spirit is the path of reconciliation.