Beer Review: Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes Brewery

Beer Review: Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes Brewery
ABV: 5.6%, IBUs: 55 Deschutes Home

ABV: 5.6%, IBUs: 55

Deschutes Home

I'm not very fluent with beer reviews. In fact this is my first and the only impenitence behind starting to write these is to revel in the art of beer making. We're not just about Theology here at Torrey Gazette so it made sense to write about the stuff I enjoy. And I enjoy beer. I also really enjoy Deschutes beer.

Deschutes Brewery is from Bend, Oregon and their variety pack might be the best regularly available variety/sampler pack. I decided I would take the chance to enjoy all of these beers slowly and present my notes. The day was nice so I started with the White IPA called "Chainbreaker." In a simplistic, summary form, this beer is an IPA brewed with wheat (and you'll not miss the wheat).

Look: The beer pours golden. It is very cloudy from the unfiltered wheat. Yes, you can see your hand through it. No, you probably won't be able to focus on your hand.

Smell: I poured this beer cold and allowed it to warm up significantly while drinking. The smell I most associated with wheat dominates (especially while cold) with only the slightest hints of citrus and hops. As the beer warmed up I was able to pick out the elements of coriander that have become a staple of wheat beers.

Taste: I am a fan of wheat beers. I am a fan of IPAs. I find the Chainbreaker to be dominated by the wheat and coriander elements of the brew. I'm shocked to see it at 55 IBUs because I struggled to find them throughout my drink. They are certainly there (as demonstrated by some burps) but I didn't count 55 of them. The front end reveals the brief citrus from the Orange Peels. The finish is only mildly bitter. The entire sip is smooth.

Thoughts: If you love wheat beers I think Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA should be thought of as a really complex wheat beer. It's easy to drink. There is no lingering aftertaste of bitterness. This would not make my list of favorite IPAs but this year round is primed from Summer consumption.

Rating: B

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