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through a glass darkly (part 2)

through a glass darkly (part 2)

Back in May, I wrote about dark beers. It's that time again - while you can (and I do) drink IPAs year round, the best time to drink higher ABV, richly flavored beers is when it's cold, so they can serve their intended purpose, which is to warm you.

The thing is, I stopped going to "my" bar on a regular basis (it's a long story), so I haven't been sampling as many unusual brews. Here, however, are some standbys:

Oskar Blues - "Ten Fidy"

I've only had this a couple of times. But it is transcendent, and worth pursuing on tap, also worth paying what your local store asks for a 4-pack.

North Coast - "Old Rasputin"

I picked this up by chance in a mixed 6-pack, 4 years ago, at a gas station in Virginia. We drank it out of tin mugs with campfire smoke blowing in our faces, and it was perfect.

Founders - "Kentucky Breakfast Stout"/"Canadian Breakfast Stout"

You will pay dearly. It is worth it. These beers are magnificent. I prefer the KBS by a very slender margin, but you can't go wrong here. The CBS has a predominant maple flavor, while the KBS focuses more on bourbon. They're INSANELY flavorful, make sure you don't drink them too cold.

Great Lakes - "Blackout Stout"

I have a bottle or two of this cellaring. More affordable and easier to find than everything else on this list, it's fine right out of the bottle, and it will be great after a few years in storage.

Founders - "Breakfast Stout"

Recently caused ruffling of feathers of people who had no sense of humor about the baby on the label, which is ridiculous, because everybody knows you start babies on a MILK stout, which obviously this isn't. Anyway! It's delicious if you're an adult too. 


Lying in the Heidelberg Catechism

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