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Baptism of Priests

Only in this manner does baptism in fact save and provide us a clear conscience (1 Pet 3:10). In the Levitical sense, Christian baptism is a washing of water, Spirit, and blood of Jesus Christ.

A Royal Priesthood

Jesus is the center of all things. Jesus is the royal priest, Jesus is the chosen one, Jesus is Israel. All that Israel was as a patriarchal clan under Abraham Isaac and Jacob, as a priestly collection of tribes under Moses and as a kingdom under David and Solomon served as shadows to Christ's substance. What this means is that the church does not replace Israel. Rather, the church is Israel in Christ.

My Take: 1 Peter 1 (Part 1)

For the past year I was studiously investigating the book of 1 Peter. The Lord had different plans and I was unable to teach it. But I've been asked a ton of questions about what I would have taught. I am going to address this in a series of My Takes. This isn't meant to be a commentary so I won't provide as many of the arguments that exists in my notes. 

Old-School Apologetics

Ya know what's great about this apologetic method? It can be practiced by the illiterate, the young, the dying, the stay at home mom and the English major who couldn't care less about science. This is Old-School Apologetics.