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1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 1)

*In preparation from teaching through 1 Peter, I am beginning to sift through commentaries. The first is by Eastern Orthodox Father, Lawrence Farley in Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles.*

These are just some of the highlights from chapter one.


"Just as the people of Israel were sprinkled with the blood of sacrifice after they entered in covenant with God, so these Gentile Christians were sprinkled with the blood of Jesus Christ and cleansed of their sins...Their baptism leads them to a life of continued obedience and cleansing, thus making them different from the world around them." (pg. 62)


"The inheritance is described as incorruptible, for the glory given to us will be immortal...It is undefiled, for it remains pristine...It is unfading, for the passage of countless ages will not dim its brilliance." (pg. 64)


"The words rendered sought out and examined out are intensive...these intensives show how greatly the prophets wanted to discover whether this grace and salvation was to come in their day. The salvation was so wonderful, they could hardly wait!"


"If they invite into their midst such an impartial Judge, they must conduct themselves in fear...Let them therefor fear to sin, and be holy in their daily conduct." (pg. 59)

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