1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 5)

*In preparation from teaching through 1 Peter, I am beginning to sift through commentaries. The first is by Eastern Orthodox Father, Lawrence Farley in Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles.*

1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 5)

These are just some of the highlights from chapter five.


"Let them spend themselves for their brethren now, laboring in humility. They will receive their wages soon enough." (pg. 103)


"The image is of a lion on the prowl, roaring in hunger, just waiting for an unwary victim to happen by so he can swallow him up in one gulp. The other pagan neighbors may do the persecuting, their true opponent is the devil, and he is looking for unwary Christians whose composure persecution might shake into denying Christ, that he might devour them through their apostasy." (pg. 105)

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