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1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 2)

*In preparation from teaching through 1 Peter, I am beginning to sift through commentaries. The first is by Eastern Orthodox Father, Lawrence Farley in Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles.*

These are just some of the highlights from chapter two.


"For the purpose of forming a loving community...renounce all guile, all manipulation, all words springing from ulterior motives. Also, they must shun hypocrisies, acts of insincerity whereby we feign a loving attitude but act spitefully behind someone's back." (pg. 72)


"Assuming that they have truly experienced for themselves how sweet the ways of holiness are, Peter says, doubtless they will want more!" (pg. 73)


"Sojourners are those who live in one place although they were born and belong elsewhere… They can always be recognized by the natives as foreigners." (pg. 76)


"Christians, though free men, have their spiritual freedom rooted in being the slaves of God, and slaves should not find obedience demeaning." (pg. 78)

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BBC: Genesis 3:22-24

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