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1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 4)

*In preparation from teaching through 1 Peter, I am beginning to sift through commentaries. The first is by Eastern Orthodox Father, Lawrence Farley in 

Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles.


These are just some of the highlights from chapter four.


"Peter is not saying that if we suffer persecution, then sinning becomes psychologically and spiritually impossible for us. We can still quarrel and be lazy and gluttonous. The send Peter has in mind is the life given over to…The whole social network and way of life consumed by pleasure-seeking" (pg. 94)


"What will these pagans answer when they have to give an account of their sinful lives to the God of the Christians?" (pg. 95)


"This inner balance is for the purpose of persevering in their daily prayers, for such prayers are the anchor during these times of stress as the end approaches." (pg. 96)


"When they were pagans, his hearers fit right in with the world around them. Jews might be accustomed to feeling out of step with the secular pagan world, but not these Gentile converts. Feeling out of step is something new for them." (pg. 99)


"Let the Christians keep the civil laws if they expect to be blessed by God when they suffer!" (pg. 100)

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