1 Peter Preview: Lawrence Farley (Chapter 3)

*In preparation from teaching through 1 Peter, I am beginning to sift through commentaries. The first is by Eastern Orthodox Father, Lawrence Farley in Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles.*

These are just some of the highlights from chapter three.


"In the pagan world, the dutiful wife was expected to abandon her religion if her husband demanded it, whereas the Christian wife would never do such a thing." (pg. 83)


"It is seeing a life, not hearing an argument, that will do the trick!" (pg. 84)


"The weakness consists in extra vulnerability, and husbands must respond to this by protecting their wives and caring for them in love." (pg. 86)


"Peter mentions this spiritual dimension of baptism to encourage his hears to continue to walk in newness of life, maintaining their good conscience and blameless life among the pagans. Apart from their righteous life, baptism will not finally avail." (pg. 92)

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