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Edified: Homeschool w/ Gary DeMar

It is very likely that the name of this blog will someday include "Homeschooling Advocate". But that day is not yet today. I will never be as rabid as Gary DeMar, R.C. Sproul Jr or Douglas Wilson on the importance of this education. And I'll explain my reason briefly. The parent who doesn't realize that homeschooling is not the answer shouldn't be homeschooling. It is only the parent convinced by Scripture that their children need more Gospel living combined with their education that should be homeschooling. So how can I become a homeschooling advocate when many fathers and mothers would not be faithful to Biblical living?

Entrance into college is never the goal of homeschooling. Entrance into God's kingdom is. What does this mean for the education? It needs to be Bible based.

I love how Gary answers the question of how we should fix things. It isn't through politics. It isn't through force. It is through setting our homes up properly in the way of the Lord and allowing the gospel to do its work in our homes, then our churches and then our communities.

BBC: Genesis 3:1b

BBC: Genesis 3:1b

The Last Days According to Christ: Crisis in Eschatology (R.C. Sproul)