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Edified: Not of This World w/ Gary Demar

Gary DeMar is an outspoken preterist, postmillennialist, homeschool advocate and theonomist. I'm always a little cautious about his extreme take on things but enjoy listening to him. Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to him over the next few days also.

 The culture is ours and we are not responsible. We gave it up. I'm pretty sure I've said these very things from the pulpit. The undead ghost of Gary DeMar must have been speaking through me. And by undead ghost I mean the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom is not of this world. But it is in this world. And it is over this world. We do fight but not against Pilate, Rome and the Jews. We find against the spiritual powers (Eph 6:12). Our fight is the proclamation of the gospel. Our weapon is the word of God concerning the testimony of Jesus Christ.

The are some great discussions here. Many struggle with the idea that Jesus Christ is reigning here right now because of the sin in the world. But the Scripture is clear that he is Lord of lords and King of kings now. Now why doesn't the world look like He is reigning? Because in individual hearts the world remains in rebellion against her King. Is the church sided with Christ or the world?

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