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Edified: Dispensationalist Apply the Old Testament w/ Gary DeMar

This is a wonderful discussion on the law of the OT and dispensationalism. You may not like it if you are a dispensationalist. And for that I will apologize. Gary sometimes sounds like he is getting worked up....he is always like that. That's why I like him. :-)

Did Jesus really change the law with the woman caught in adultery? First the passage may not be factual and historical. But even if it is, there is a great breakdown in "law following" when you catch the woman "in the act" but don't bring the man she was with. Jesus wasn't dismantling the law, He was dealing with law breakers who were tattle-tells.

Reading and practicing are essential to Christian life. Paul's application of an "animal law" to those working in the church is a wonderful example of the importance of knowing the spiritual principle behind each and every law in the OT. We don't need to toss them under the bus just because we don't understand them. Christ came to fulfill them in that we'd no longer be under the curse and they would have control over our whole lives. Remember that great verse used to combat infant baptism in Jeremiah? The law will be written on their hearts (Jer 31:33). Same foundation but different location of application.

I have to highlight something so incredibly crucial. In fact it may even warrant another post. But around the 4:45 mark, Gary DeMar accepts that Jesus Christ fulfilled the punishment of rebellious children without stoning. I believe this is a great example against many misunderstanding of theonomy. More on that at another time.

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