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Sabbath Seriousness

It's time for a personal inspection. Though we do not want legalism in our evaluation, one must be honest about their Sabbath activities. Are they done to proclaim God's word and its testimony to our rest, relaxation and fellowship? Or do we use the Lord's Sabbath to provide for ourselves like the rest of the world?

These are the types of polarizing questions that I love. Not that I enjoy polarization in general. Surely there are better things to do with ones time. But if you're in the corner, reporting that you're in the corner is hardly wrong. If theology is truly going to be practical, then occasionally our practices will be different. Today's questions most certainly will highlight some of the distinct features of my theology and its application to civil legislation and moral integrity.

That really is the crux question of many doctrinal differences between denominations. In particular Baptists tend to prefer the New Testament say something explicitly. But what revelation gives us the slightest idea that this should be the standard working model of God's revelation? Likewise, opponents of theonomy tend to stress the change in the New Covenant. Of course there are changes. But does that automatically entail that God's standard of moral law has changed? Well answers vary but Mr Gentry makes a strong argument that only theonomy retains a whole and intact Scripture.