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Theonomy Thursday: God's Law Made Easy Reviewed (Part 17)

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Alright. So this book in the end did nothing for me that audio lectures from Bahnsen hadn't already achieved. There were a couple points where Mr Gentry provided some further development of thoughts from Greg Bahnsen but there was little to nothing new. But I also need to address this book from a "new reader" perspective.

From this view the book is excellent. I know of no better texts for an introduction of theonomy. Outside of Greg Bahnsen, I know of no theonomist would could come off so compassionately and humbled by the word of God. With such a touchy subject moving against many private convictions, this thesis has provoked some great debate and controversy throughout the years. Mr Gentry is unable to put an end to these issues but he does add a calm and collected voice for laymen.

I am convicted that the Christian seeking to stay faithful to the Scriptures must be a "theonomist". I'm unwilling to say that one must accept all of Mr Gentry's thesis but the church must move closer. Today's church is way too pluralistic. The reason that no good arguments stand against theonomy is because it has the church directly in its sights. A church that accepts Bahnsen's and Mr Gentry's thesis may in fact find room for improvement. But those improvements will only stem from churches that take God's law as seriously as theonomists.

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