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Theonomy Thursday: God's Law Made Easy Reviewed (Part 15)

Chapter 8: Practical Benefits of God's Law

We continue briefly with the enumerated benefits of the theonomic position. These are far from arguments. Instead these are general reflections that demonstrate the overall profit God's law would have in society. 

Public Benefits

1. God's law provides an unchanging foundation. 

Yes pluralism is bad. But some may not see this as a benefit until one accepts the theonomic thesis.

2. God's law promises cultural prosperity. 

Yet again, one must accept a certain amount of covenantal continuity before one can accept this proof. I personally believe this can be seen in the history of America. But that isn't a proof. And it isn't convincing. The arguments can be made from the Old Testament. But does every accept those passages as continuing into the new covenant?

Social Benefits

1. God's law creates monetary stability.

This is an argument that finds itself more and more pertinent as the American economic situation goes downhill. But that isn't Scripture and it isn't hermeneutical. Still, it is hard to look at the confidence that God means for the government the economy and just discard God's plan. 

2. God's law provides moral basis for elective government. 

This benefit comes straight from Deuteronomy 1. I have a feeling that this is more of a benefit for Americans than it does for anyone else reading the Scriptures throughout history.

3.  God's law encourages equitable taxes

Exodus 30:15 and general small government thinking. This is a strongly American argument.

4. God's law established just restitution.

God's law requires no more and no less from an individual to make a situation right and correct in God's eyes. There is nothing about this benefit that is wrong. The American court systems have made a mockery of just about any perception of justice. A theonomic position is certainly an improvement but that doesn't make it Biblically correct.

5. God's law insures criminal justice.

Again, the modern law system has many people begging for something more consistent. The theonomic thesis will certainly provide some excitement with respect to consistency. But the content of the theonomic thesis is sometimes overbearing. Is it a benefit? Yes, perhaps to some a strong no. Is it Biblically correct? That is the real question.



Though there are two more benefits in Mr Gentry's book, I hope that the point is made. Within certain environments these benefits are stronger than normal. And in others it is less. These are not arguments. These are simple "benefits" within a world-view that rejects many of the benefits of the Scriptures. But that doesn't make it the best benefit.

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