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Edified: The True Hope for Israel w/ Gary DeMar

This is probably where the rubber meets the road for many people. Eschatology is all fun and games until Israel gets mentioned. The truth is that only Dispensational Premillennialism has a special kingdom role for the nation of Israel. All the other eschatological views permit some variance in their participation but never go to the extreme that the Jews will inherit a future kingdom.

Now this doesn't mean that all these eschatological views dismiss the importance of Israel as (or becoming) a nation. As Gary says, many postmillennial writers have believed the the Jewish people would be restored as nation that they too may come to Christ along with all the Gentile nations. But the importance is that the Jews become a part of an already established kingdom when they accept the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am in agreement with Gary. I believe the Scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit will win people to the gospel through the faithfulness of the church. While many will find this laughable given the state of American society and culture, I would point people to the mass of conversions being experienced around the world where the church is faithful. We don't need to look past our own congregations to see why our nation is the way it is. If we're the only source of the truth found in the gospel, then we must be faithful to proclaim it if we want to see it affect people.

Maybe when China, Africa and South America start sending missionaries to America the church will realize how far it has fallen.

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