Edified: Is It Just About the Gospel? w/ Gary DeMar

"We're not preaching the gospel. We're trying to convert people." Those are some harsh words from Gary. But I think he can back them up. The gospel is not conversion. It is submission to Christ's Lordship in every element of your life. And when its communicated this way, the gospel can be your job, your family and your ministry. The gospel cannot stop with conversion it must continue to grow mature believers in the Lordship of Christ.

The practical analogy of human life is decent. Perhaps a little of a stretch. But it makes the point valid. We raise our children to live in this earthly world. But if we're about our Father's will and His kingdom, then we should be raising our children and converts to live the fullness of their life in submission to God. This is the gospel: "Repent (conversion), for the kingdom of God is at hand (life)."

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