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My Take: End Time Certainty

This "my take" is different that the previous ones. This one really isn't a question. It was a string of things I've been reading that prompted some interesting thoughts. The first thing that worked me over came from the last few pages of Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views.

Our old testament predecessors who knew so emphatically how the story would end were the ones who ended up shouting, "Crucify him!" - Merold Westphal (Biblical Hermeneutics, 168)

There needs to be some clarification here. The statement was made not made about eschatology in general. But instead on an over infatuation with end time certainty. But this wasn't about some specific set of end time events. By that I mean that this wasn't specifically against dispensational premillennialism, historicism, or preterism. Instead this was against the casual Christian thought "it will all work out in the end".

Well won't it all work out in the end? Yes. But why? And does it require your faithfulness?

The comment above is clear about two things 1) Israel "knew" its eschatology and 2) Israel was unfaithful. The rejection of the king comes within the words "crucify him". Is the church teetering on faithlessness even when we affirm "it will all work out in the end"?

Why will it all work out in the end? How do you know it will all work out in the end? And what, if anything, are you called to do now to proclaim what you believe about the end?

This is a "My Take" because this is an important set of questions. They aren't questions I can answer. But my take is that these are important questions everyone needs to answer.

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