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My Take: 1 Peter 1 (Part 1)

For the past year I was studiously investigating the book of 1 Peter. The Lord had different plans and I was unable to teach it. But I've been asked a ton of questions about what I would have taught. I am going to address this in a series of My Takes. This isn't meant to be a commentary so I won't provide as many of the arguments that exists in my notes. 

The ceremonial portions of the "Levitical law" were fulfilled once and for all in Jesus Christ's perfect life and death. The holiness portions of the law were ultimately fulfilled in the given of the Holy Spirit and the purification of the church through the Word.

These are the types of polarizing questions that I love. Not that I enjoy polarization in general. Surely there are better things to do with ones time. But if you're in the corner, reporting that you're in the corner is hardly wrong. If theology is truly going to be practical, then occasionally our practices will be different. Today's questions most certainly will highlight some of the distinct features of my theology and its application to civil legislation and moral integrity.