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Edified: Just Weights and Measures /w Gary DeMar

Christians in government? This is touchy subject. Hopefully we can get past the general and recognize that in the middle of the specifics things don't look quite as difficult to discuss.

I know many will not have thought about inflation in the way Gary describes. Perhaps many have never even thought of the Bible as having answers to the basic principles of economics. But there is some good stuff here. The example of diluted wine hits home. I don't particularly like diluted wine. Jesus serves the best stuff. That's a sermon.

But what are Christians suppose to do in response to this? Gary thinks we should keep the government honest on the fact that they're devaluing our money. But is this behavior conducive to the gospel? No. The introduction to the law leads to the gospel. Notice this, Gary is not saying we get involved with politics to preach the gospel but to do the proper work of the government. This faithfulness will eventually become opportunities to share the gospel.

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