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Motherhood & Work: Too Many Straws in My Milkshake (Doug & Rachel)

* In this special mother-focused series, Alaina (Joshua's wife) will provide interaction with these videos from CanonWire and Rachel Jankovic *

This session had quite a bit in it to enjoy, mull over, and apply. Work in the home is never accomplished – there is no clock to punch at the end of the day, no office to leave, and no weekend to strive toward. Not many mothers (at the least not this mother) have experience with a responsibility so demanding until that first precious child is placed in her arms.

Doug Wilson and Rachel Jankovic hit the nail on the head numerous times in describing what that constant demand looks like and feels like, as well as discussing Biblical ways to handle it. Essentially, a milkshake measured out and stockpiled by human effort is going to be drained, time and again by all the demands upon that mother. The truth is in letting God be the “milkshake” provider, and recognizing our role as the server – pouring out continually in faith, love, and humor.

 My favorite thus far.

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BBC: Genesis 2:15-17