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Motherhood & Work: How to Instill Loyalty in Your Children (Doug & Rachel)

Motherhood & Work: How to Instill Loyalty in Your Children (Doug & Rachel)

* In this special mother-focused series, Alaina (Joshua's wife) will provide interaction with these videos from CanonWire and Rachel Jankovic *

As a groundwork for future relationships (aka “thriving in the teenage years”), Doug asked Rachel not to tell how to have loyal teenagers, but how she has begun the process of instilling loyalty now in her little ones. 

I especially liked the implied understanding that one’s children are important in their own right. They do not exist solely to serve the family; in fact, it could be argued that the family structure itself exists to raise up children. With practical examples, Rachel shows that loyalty is wrapped up in intimate communication – listening to one’s children when they are expressing themselves (which, as young kids doesn’t always take the form of words and paragraphs).

I found this session insightful and provoking. Unfortunately, my work as “mother” – home manager, food provider, bathroom cleaner etc etc – often overshadows my role as mother, raising up children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The focus on communication and developing a habit of listening to non-verbal cues has given me a challenge I am eager to meet!

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