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Motherhood & Work: The Conservative Tendency to Over-Romanticize Motherhood (Doug & Rachel)

* In this special mother-focused series, Alaina (Joshua's wife) will provide interaction with these videos from CanonWire and Rachel Jankovic *

Interestingly, this clip reminded me of a discussion with my husband concerning imagination – and more specifically the dangers associated with imagination. While I have a true confession – never as a young girl did I ever imagine being a mom, nor did I ever really have the desire to be a mom (be an astronaut, champion figure skater, or blacksmith? yes), I had enough imagination to fill two lifetimes and often indulged.

The talking points from Rachel Jankovic and Doug Wilson mirror the conclusion my husband and I obtained – that giving free reign to one’s daydreams only results in disappointment and often creates bitterness and despair. For the Christian mother (and father), what should be desired in the home happens NOT to be a fanciful rendition of Thomas Kinkade (I owe the Kinkade reference to Doug), but rather an honest attempt to redeem the fallen earthly state with the heavenly promise. Neither we, nor our children, will attain perfection in our home or relationships – yet the promise of God is that He will continue the work in us that He has begun. Our responsibility is to relinquish the rose-colored glasses for God’s honest work – and let that be our witness to fellow saints, alongside our clean house and well-behaved children!

Matthew 16:27-28 - Don Preston Review #21

Motherhood & Work: The Vocation of Motherhood (Doug & Rachel)