Motherhood & Work: The Vocation of Motherhood (Doug & Rachel)

* In this special mother-focused series, Alaina (Joshua's wife) will provide interaction with these videos from CanonWire and Rachel Jankovic *

What stay-at-home mom hasn't fielded the query “do you work?” with a bit of trepidation that their answer may belittle their calling or offend their questioner? While I usually reply with a “Of course, meet my boss” and point to my 15-month-old, in this interview Rachel Jankovic takes a slightly different approach.

Defining the “do you work” question as a value question, Rachel describes how value can be found in motherhood as a vocation and further how valuing work itself can be taught to children benefiting from a stay-at-home mom. One insight to whet your appetite: Rachel discusses the balance their household attempts to keep by making obedience as enjoyable as the punishment for disobedience is upsetting. Teaching the next generation to value work as an enjoyable occasion benefiting themselves and others may just usher in the postmillennial age my husband espouses! 

Well worth the watch.

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