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A Cultureless Faith

According to Schindler, the Christian church quietly obeyed the voices of the Enlightenment which told the church which compartment of the modern life it could have a say in; namely the realm of spirituality and personal religion.

In Medias Res

We are characters in a story, we are not the author. We are placed in the plot and given roles. We enter stage right or stage left and are called upon to recite our lines and act.

Why I Love Integrated Worship

A child who is immersed in Christian worship will necessarily be shaped by that immersion. Conversely, when the children are whisked away to the church annexes they are denied such formation. Further, the act removing the children from Christ’s Body (the church) seems to run straight against the words of our Lord when he said “Let the children come to me.” (Matthew 19:14).

You Are What You Love NOT What You Think

The way to get to someone's heart is not (solely) through the mind. We humans are more than just "brains on a stick." God gave us bodies and, therefore, the whole body must be discipled. This is not some call for aestheticism or mutilation of the flesh, but rather a call for understanding that we inhabit a physical world with physical bodies that must be captured up in to God's story as well as the mind.

Liturgy Series: Part 4 – Music

Like all parts of the liturgy, music is both unavoidable and massively impactful. Whether we like it or not the words and rhythms we sing as a congregation are shaping us into a teleological people (a people facing a certain kingdom). Considering the weight of this proposition we should be increasingly concerned with which kingdom our songs are pointing us.