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Worship With Your Eyes Open

service. Christian worship should not be a place and a time where our eyes are mostly closed. NO! Rather, our eyes should be open to behold the grace of God. When the lights are on and the speakers are off one realizes that there are others along side you who are loving God and loving you. Christ's Body is truly acting as a body as they worship in unison togetherness rather than as an amalgam of dissonant members.

The Vaccination Debate

We've been conditioned to believe that our views only hold public weight when they are confirmed through an election or the cultural elites of the New York Times. What this has created is entire generations of Americans who believe they must validate their views and perspectives through national laws. Nothing could be more destructive to communities.

A Closet Egalitarian?

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are equal. But the Father is neither begotten nor proceeding. So that even in their equality, the Son and Spirit are dependent upon the Father.