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Joe Rigney & Douglas Wilson: Jonathan Edwards - The Trinity

This is one of those videos that really gets one cranking on theology and Jonathan Edwards. I look at my current schedule and I laugh at any chance of my "catching up" on Edward's theology any time soon. 

@6:18:  Yeah it took me long to comment. I was just enjoying listening. "Subterranean River" comes from this book by Amy Plantinga Pauw. I happen to both own it and accomplished a full reading of it. It is due for a second reading on multiple points for many of the reasons that Joe and Doug discuss here.

@7:00-10:00:  This is some great stuff from Doug. I've got my fair shakes of issues with both Augustine and Edwards on the Trinity. But I hardly have any issues with the fact that they may very well be right. :-)  My scant ingested Trinitarian teaching on Edwards did strike me as overly "psychological" in its model of the Trinity. At that time I believe I rejected that for a more quantified and calculated view similar to Anselm but I digress...

 @10:15-14:10: This is an incredibly important question. I've been infected by Karl Barth on a couple of these subjects but I do acknowledge that Edward's idea of "overflow" is one of the few things I enjoyed from him. In fact I'm realizing I may have been growing more like Edwards since rejecting Edwards. More digressing...

God's glory being the end of creation is crucial. God's glory being manifest in creation primarily through Jesus Christ is doubly crucial. All of the sudden we understand the "proper" reason for creation. It makes manifest the glory of the Trinity, including the most complicated person of the Trinity: Jesus Christ. 

One of the ways that Karl Barth touched on this was by emphasizing God's being is in His becoming.  Who God was/is/will be is perfectly fitting with the Eternal Son becoming the God-man for glory and redemption. We don't need to except a false philosophical dichotomy between static being and dynamic becoming when it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity.


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