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Joe Rigney & Douglas Wilson: Jonathan Edwards - Typology

@0:28-1:30: This is a definition by example. Typology is a prefigured image of a later fully visible (fulfilled)  image/reality. So Adam, Moses and David are all types of Christ. Each is a shadow, reflection, deficient example of the fulfilled reality of Jesus Christ.

@1:30-2:00: I just still have trouble accepting this type of stuff. But it is useful to know of a person when you are reading and understanding their perspective on Old Testament passages.

 @2:55-5:07: Where are the stinking breaks? This remains my great question and while I'm sure there should be rules I'm not sure any are hard rules. What Doug lays out here from Edwards is good stuff.

@5:14: There ya go. The video could have ended right there! 


I am rather uncomfortable with typology in natural order and non-Biblical historical events. I do believe much of Edwards openness to typology stems from his scientific mind. He wasn't afraid to be wrong, stand corrected or admit mistakes. But I still don't find myself comfortable going to such levels of typology.

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