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Joe Rigney & Douglas Wilson: Jonathan Edwards - God's End in Creation

Get ready for some postmillennial/creational commentary. 

 @1:20: I hope this spells some things out for a few people. Things are most certainly better throughout creation. That's mostly because we don't define Christ's success in the advancement of creation. The gospel saves lives and restores creation.

@3:00:  This is another great point. You are not the definition on the state of the war. Your country is not the definition on the state of the war.

@4:15: I hope that no one has ever been misinformed by me. Postmillennial trajectory is not straight up. It's a rollercoaster. It's going to end on a huge high and a steep decline (Rev 20). For more on this check out a brief review from Bahnsen.

@7:15:  How true this is. I'm the only Post-mill in my family and at my church. Hopefully that will change since I have two kiddos and I'm in charge of the children's education at the church!


The conclusion of the video caught be day-dreaming. I was listening but not critically. The practical nature of fulfilling the work God has for us lulled me into a false sense of intellectual security.  

Either way nothing stood out except that it was great pastoral insight. Many reject the postmillennial view outright. So insights like this that are primarily practical can be an incredible thing. 

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