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Reading the Bible as a Literary Person

Unfortunately, it is this type of pragmatic unliterariness that so pervades many Christians’ approach to the Bible. By and large, the modern Christian church has become a temple to the gods of pragmatism. More often than not, your typical non-denominational worship box has just started a new series on “9 Steps to a Gospel Centered Marriage” or a “Kingdom Finances Series.” The hidden message behind these texts is that Christianity can solve your problems.

The Bible Code

The “Bible code” is not mysterious or secret. The Bible code is clearly presented before our eyes in almost every page of scripture. Furthermore, the key to the "code" is Jesus.

Jealousy and the Zero-Sum Game

We tend to be like the unfaithful servant in the parable of the three servants in Matthew 25:14-30. Our master has given us gifts to sow and invest. However, we are afraid that these resources that God has given us might run out so we go and bury them.

A Royal Priesthood

Jesus is the center of all things. Jesus is the royal priest, Jesus is the chosen one, Jesus is Israel. All that Israel was as a patriarchal clan under Abraham Isaac and Jacob, as a priestly collection of tribes under Moses and as a kingdom under David and Solomon served as shadows to Christ's substance. What this means is that the church does not replace Israel. Rather, the church is Israel in Christ.

Book Review: Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible

I did not want to like this Bible. I remain convinced that my reservation for study Bibles and devotional Bibles is valid. But the Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible is worth the price of admission. For individuals looking for more than a simple NKJV text, I find myself surprised to say I can recommend this Bible in its entirety.

In Which I Stopped Listening to Sermons

"Well, then, have the like faith with regard to Divine Scripture; believe that thy soul is profited by the mere reading, even though thy understanding does not receive the fruit of profiting by these passages. Our inner nature is charmed; its better elements are nourished, the worse weakened and brought to nought." - Origen, Philocalia 12.2