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Guilty Before God of Negligence

We may farther learn from this passage, that although magistrates may not be solicited for succor, they are accounted guilty before God of negligence, if they do not, of their own accord, succor those who stand in need of their interference.

Be Careful Who You Crucify

In many ways Christians should not be surprised that our culture has been moving in the direction that is has for quite some time. Rather than faithfully petitioning to God to forgive and bless their land Christians have been transforming their sacred assemblies into rock concerts. Rather than lifting bread and wine up to their God and Father “In Memoriam” (Genesis 9:16) Christians have presumed upon God’s grace and blessings. Christians in the West have lost their saltiness and we know that salt without taste has only one use (Luke 14:35-35).

When Politics Becomes An Idol

Attempting to fit our understanding of the Bible into our narrow political landscape leads us to electing "compassionate conservatives" or to voting for "hope and change" that never materializes. And yes, there are plenty of people even today that will tell you Jesus himself would have voted for Bush, Obama, or any number of other politicians.

Against Prisons

Think about it. If someone breaks into your house, steals your television, and then is caught, would you not rather the person repay you for the television than you pay for the person’s incarceration via taxation?

Real Anarchy

The difference between an anarchist and their opponent in this situation is not that an anarchist wants chaos and their opponent wants order. To the contrary, the anarchist is opposed to legally sanctioned and government approved moral atrocities, while their opponent seems to be fine with these things.


We like to pretend that Jesus was some sort of spiritual guru who cared not for the cultural or political aspects of his day. But the reality was quite different. Everything Jesus said, even the things we deem to be merely devotion, was overlaid with intense cultural and political integration. This is why the religious, cultural and political leaders of His day were so threatened.